Melanie (indigo284) wrote in u_r_ignorance,

Here's a rant for ya Nat...

I hate how people don't understand me wanting to lose weight...I'm a girl, it's what we freaking want...I hate how people tell me what is too small for me when they don't even know me or what I look like...What I want to weigh for my height isn't too small...I hate how people tell me to eat more...Food is the freaking problem! I hate how people tell me I'm small just to get me to eat, do they think I'm stupid?? I have eyes, I see what I look like...I hate how people tell me what I look like, cuz they're always wrong and I don't have to be told, I see what I see...I hate how people buy me food when they know I'm fasting because they don't think it's healthy...A day or 2 fast isn't unhealthy! I hate how people think they understand me when they have no idea......
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