Kacie Coleman (shadejasmine) wrote in u_r_ignorance,
Kacie Coleman

Sorry excuse for a friend.

A few days ago, I had the final fight with a friend I have known for at least 23 years. So yeah, this was the fight of the century type deal.

Anyways, what was it over? A misunderstanding on her part. I was showing concern, but she thought I was judging her.

She has been smoking weed and drinking heavily for at least the past two years. I was getting concerned that she might be on the verge of being an alcoholic. She blows up on me in a fit of rage. I defend myself, calmly. She blows up even more and has quite possibly spread bad things around about me. She is in her mid twenties and is still acting like a child.

This has happened before, but those times, I was nice and we remained friends. This time, this time, it is just over. She even had the nerve to leave nasty messages on my phone and in texts to my phone.
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