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It's the most wonderful time of the year....or IS it?

The majority of this is from a rant I had last week in my journal, but it's still true. And I figured it would be an appropriate rant for this community, as well as this time of year, since I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.
I'm sick of the fact that some people just use the holidays to suck their parents and loved one's wallets dry. And it makes me sad. I mean yeah, Christmas has basically become a commercialized product, but do people have to milk it so fucking bad? Get off the teet! I can see people getting a couple things. That they actually NEED...but to go on in excessive detail about all this useless junk that you can live without but are oh so excited to get just makes me sick. This is something that is typical of children! "I want this, I want that. Mommy gimme that or I'll cry!!" But has also been portrayed in my age range as well. This greed that comes with the holidays is really sickening. What ever happened to the time that people got FRUIT for Christmas? By today's standards that wouldn't be the least bit acceptable. What happened, for arguments sake, to the ACTUAL meaning of Christmas? (ie) CHRIST'S BIRTH! I'm sure that wasn't in the deal that he wanted everyone to get thousands of dollars worth of useless junk to celebrate his birthday. Even though I don't really believe in an organized religion at the moment, I, as well as thousands of others, can see how drastically the focus has been taken off of the actual meaning of Christmas.
I like Christmas because it means getting together with family and hiding the dysfunction for at least a day. I like it for the snow and Christmas Carols and the awesome TV movies. I like it because I can get people presents, that don't have to be worth hundreds of dollars, and it still brings a smile to their face. I like it because it means family. Not presents. Presents are just a bonus. I don't expect them. But if I get them, then that's okay. I'll buy someone a gift and not have to expect anything back, and get pissed off when there's nothing in return. That's not the point of giving. You give because you want to. And you never expect anything in return.
I just hate the whole 'gimme gimme' attitude concerning Christmas. Kids are super spoiled, and I guess that just carries on as they get older. You would kind of think that they would grow out of it, but old habits die hard.
Tis the season to be JOLLY, not GREEDY.
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