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i hate everything.

I hate how STU is tight and I have so many fines to pay and late fees and how I'm probably not getting my offical marks ever.
[Oh yeah and how I'm 98% sure I'm getting evicted]
I hate Meredith,
I hate my room,
I hate STU
I hate Fredericton.
I hate how Ryan makes me feel like nothing else matters
I hate how he makes me forget everything else exists
I hate how there's going to be 300km between us
I hate that I just spilled wine all over myself
I hate how this building is so quiet it burns
I hate the enormous hangnail on my thumb
[I also hate the fact that I can't stop picking at it]
I hate waits at hospitals
I hate infections
I hate the cold and how I know I have to open the windows to vent this place out
I hate my parents for not knowing what goes through my mind
I hate everyone for not getting it, why can't people just read my mind
I hate my fish, they are always staring at me
I hate fucking Christmas
I hate how there is always something gnawing away at me, somewhere
I hate instinct
I hate love
I hate good things because all good things must come to an end
I hate cracking my head off the wall
I hate having an empty stomach that gets me too drunk too fast
I hate how I can't find the damn cap for my wine... it's still everywhere...
I hate having to wear contacts or glasses if I want to get a clue
I hate not knowing what the fuck I'm going to do
I hate reliance
I hate dependence
I hate feelings
I hate how I feel right now
I hate how I'm so depressed and negative all the time...
I hate myself....
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