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Guys suck

Well this is the situation, Ive liked this guy (on and off) since last year kind of. I usually just get kinda freaked out when he likes me back and Im like...erm...NEVER MIND

anyway...I thought I liked him again, but this time its really different. He's a fucking skank! I almost considered it, and I wasnt being know...NEVER MIND (well maybe a little :P)
of course thats until I realized he was a SKANK
He basically told one of my friend that if he went out with me, and he had the opportunity to hook up with some other girl he liked...hed go for it. This makes me so angry, I feel cheated...even though I wasnt...*confused*
I dont understand, doesnt he realize that he wont ever get ANYONE if he carries on his skanky attitude. Just make up your mind!!
What really bothers me is that he puts off this nice guy vibe. Anyone who knows him would agree. Everyone of my friends has had a crush on him at some point (all of us at once He just "appears" to have those perfect boyfriend qualities. It really trows you off. It's like he's still stuck in puberty...GROW UP! He's like the skank stuck in the innocent boy next door. Maybe the fact that he's still a erm *cough*virgin makes him pull off the innocence easily...
I dont know, I shouldnt ever care...I never liked him that much. I might have considered it...but it was never for more than a moment. It just bothers me that hes such a fake.
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